Under the Ponte Vecchio

Original Oil Painting /10 x 20/ Private Collection

I work almost entirely on a commission basis.  If you like my style of oil painting and would like to commission a piece please contact me through this site.

​Thank You, Laurel

David Byrne/ Private Collection

​Afternoon Prayer at the Western Wall

Original Oil Painting /  9 x 12

Reserved for entry in upcoming show


Original Oil Painting/  36 x 12

Red Roses and Blue Vase/ 12 X 24

Original Oil Painting/Private Collection

Oranges and Blue Vase

Original Oil Painting/ Private Collection

Laurel McFarland


Original Oil Painting/Private Collection

King Penguin Hug - Children's Collection/ Private Collection


Mill Creek Falls---Healdsburg/ CA 16 X 20 

​A special painting for my father