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For many years I have wanted to learn to play the guitar. An opportunity came in 2012 and I began and continue to study with a professional musician and instructor, Ted Sablay of Las Vegas, Nevada. I am now teaching  beginner students of my own.

As a child i would go through my dad's Walter Foster books page after page and draw each object and landscape scene.  From an early age I loved creating art and subsequently I am largely a self-taught artist.  I have studied with a few established artists the two most prominent being Scott Wallis of Ogden, Utah, and Nathan Pinnock of Salt Lake City, Utah.

As we walked the streets of Florence, Italy we came to the bridge called Ponte Vecchio.  And I saw under the bridge row boats tied to the bank painted in reds and blues.

Many of my paintings and photographs  are available in various print options on fine art

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Let no imaginary boundaries dictate what you can do... live with a mind that is unfettered and free

Laurel McFarland

When I need inspiration for paintings I search for new images trekking with a camera; sometimes in a cityscape, the wilderness, occasionally a foreign country, or in my own backyard.  I found this swan on a mostly frozen pond in Scarsdale, New York.

If you are interested in commissioning a work of art--please contact me through this site, I would love to hear from you.

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